On "Time"

Past and Future in Philosophy of Religion

3rd Nordic Conference in Philosophy of Religion

Copenhagen 23-25 June


Rebecca Comay (Toronto), Philipp Stoellger (Rostock), Claudia Welz (Copenhagen), Werner Stegmaier (Greifswald), Arne Grøn (Copenhagen)

Main speakers

  • Rebecca Comay (Toronto): 'Repetition, destruction and the tabula rasa: David's "Death of Marat"
  • Arne Grøn (Copenhagen): Time and transcendence   
  • Philipp Stoellger (Rostock): Philosophy of Religion – and it’s sense for the impossible
  • Claudia Welz (Copenhagen):  The Future of the Past: Memory, Forgetting, and Personal Identity
  • Werner Stegmaier (Greifswald): Vergangenheit in der Zukunft: Nietzsches Nachricht vom ‘Tod Gottes'

Conference Program is now available online

Call for papers was due 15th April 2011

Registration and Funding

For registration, please send an email by 1st June, 2011 to uhr@teol.ku.dk or cp@teol.ku.dk. For other questions concerning reimbursement, contact m.t.mjaaland@teologi.uio.no.

Members of PRINE and NSPR may get travel and accommodation costs refunded up to the sum of 500 Euro against original receipts. Please confer http://www.tf.uio.no/english/research/networks/prine/refunds/ for further information concerning reimbursement.

Tags: Phenomenology, Present, Time, Past, Analytical Philosophy, Future, Pragmatics
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