TIME: Past and Future in Philosophy of Religion

3rd Nordic Conference in Philosophy of Religion

Copenhagen 23-25 June

Thursday June 23, 2011

17:00-18:00:   Registration

18:00-19:30:   Rebecca Comay (Toronto)

Repetition, destruction, and the tabula rasa: David’s ‘Death of Marat’


Friday June 24, 2011

09:00-10:30:   Werner Stegmaier (Greifswald)

Vergangenheit in der Zukunft: Nietzsches Nachricht vom ‘Tod Gottes’


Coffee Break


11:00-12:30:   Short papers: 30 (20+10) minutes each

  • Jonna Bornemark (Sweden):

Husserl’s analysis of time and the phenomenology of religious experience

  • Øystein Brekke (Norway):

On the subject of epigenesis

  • Zoran Mimica (Zagreb/Vienna/London):

Time in Hegel and the End of History


Lunch Break


14:00-15:30: Short papers: 30 (20+10) minutes each 

  • Mads Peter Karlsen (Denmark):

‘The wound that prevents us from dying’ – reflections on death drive, immortality,and time

  • Lars Sandbeck (Denmark):

Time-out. Against a Theology of the Event

  •  Jan-Olav Henriksen (Norway):

‘I need time for myself’. The importance of time for religious selfhood – a philosophical consideration




16:00-17:30:   Arne Grøn (Copenhagen)

Time and Transcendence

18:30:              Dinner 


Saturday June 25, 2011

09:00-10:30:   Philipp Stoellger (Rostock)

Philosophy of Religion – and it’s Sense for the Impossible


Coffee Break


11:00-12:30: Short papers: 30 (20+10) minutes each 

  • Valentina Spune (Latvia):

The Fictionality of Time in Thomas Aquinas?

  •  Diana Rigtrup (Denmark):

Orientation in Crisis Situations

  • Therese Bering Solten (Denmark):

Re-calling the Future. Perspectives on Time in Paul Ricoeur and N.F.S. Grundtvig


Lunch Break


14:00-15:00    Short papers: 30 (20+10) minutes each

  • Marius Timmann Mjaaland (Norway):

Asking forTime: Heidegger in the Augustinian Refugium

DOWNLOAD TEXT: Heidegger: "Quid est tempus?"

  • Ulrik Houlind Rasmussen (Denmark):

Back to the Future: Re-opening the Futures of the Past


Coffee  Break


15:30-17:00:   Short papers: 30 (20+10) minutes each

  •  Joseph Ballan (Chicago, USA)

Liturgy, Festival, and the Problem of Inoperative Time in Contemporary Thought

  •  Carsten Pallesen (Denmark):

The Northern Prince Syndrome

  • Iben Damgaard (Denmark):

On the Uses and Disadvantages of Nietzsche’s Critique of the Burden of History




17:30-19:00:   Claudia Welz (Copenhagen)

The future of the Past: Memory, Forgetting, and Personal Identity

19:30:              Drinks and evening dinner


Registration and Funding

For registration, please send an email by 1st June, 2011 to or For other questions concerning reimbursement, contact

Members of PRINE and NSPR may get travel and accommodation costs refunded up to the sum of 500 Euro against original receipts. Please confer for further information concerning reimbursement.

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