Critique, Protest and Reform

Oslo 31 May- 2 June 2017

6th Nordic Conference for Philosophy of Religion (CFP)

Ward Blanton (Kent), Jon Stewart (Harvard), Jayne Svenungsson (Lund), Philipp Stoellger (Heidelberg), Dorthe Jørgensen (Aarhus), Safet Bektovic (Oslo), Sami Pihlström (Helsinki), Svein Aage Christoffersen (Oslo)

Further information on the conference site: Critique, Protest, and Reform

Oslo Opera House in May

Call for Papers

The NSPR invites papers and abstracts by scholars from all over Europe to its conference on Critique, Protest, and Reform: The Reformation 1517-2017 and its Significance for Philosophy, Politics, and Religion.

Topics and keywords:

  • CRITIQUE: On Certainty / Critique of Reason / Transcendence, Spirit, and Phenomenology / Image and Perception
  • PROTEST: Freedom and Liberation / Justice and Justification / Political Domination and Religious Re-formation
  • REFORM: Formatting Religion / Paul and the Philosophers / Text, Truth, and Terror / History of the Hidden God

Deadline: Abstracts up to 300 words are due by January 31st to

Conference registration @ 

Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion has become a growing field of research, connecting scholars from the Humanities and Social Sciences in inter-disciplinary research. Recognising the need for closer co-operation between philosophy and theology, sociology, and religious studies, researchers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the Baltic countries, and NW Russia founded the Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion[NSPR] in 2006.

Presentation of the Society

The Nordic Society for Philosophy of Religion (NSPR) is an international and inter-disciplinary network, affiliated with the European Society for Philosophy of Religion (ESPR) and the International Philosophy of Religion Association (IPRA). 

NSPR organises biennial conferences in the Nordic countries, in Oslo (2007), Reykjavik (2009) Copenhagen (2011), Stockholm (2013), Helsinki (2015) and Oslo (2017).

Together with the ESPR we organise biennial European conferences, including the conferences on Sacrifice (Oslo 2008) and Evil (Uppsala 2016).


August 25-28, 2016 
University of Uppsala, Sweden. Organized by Ulf Zakariasson

May 31-June 2, 2017      
Critique, Protest, and Reform.
University of Oslo. Organized by Marius Timmann Mjaaland


For any questions concerning the NSPR in your country or region, please contact one of the 6 board members:

Affiliated Institutions


  • University of Copenhagen, Center for Subjectivity Research

  • University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Theology: Contact Carsten Pallesen

  • University of Aarhus, Faculty of Theology: Contact Sven Andersen
  • Pedagogic University of Denmark, Department of Philosophy: Contact Henrik Vase Frandsen


  • University of Tartu, Faculty of Theology: Contact Anne Kull


  • Academy of Åbo, Faculty of Theology
  • University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology




  • University of Vilnius, Center for Religious Studies and Research: Contact Rita Serpytyte



  • State St. Petersburg University, Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies: Contact Marianna Shakhnovich


  • Södertörn University College: Contact Hans Ruin
  • University of Göteborg, Department for Religious Studies: Contact Ola Sigurdson
  • University of Lund, Faculty of Theology: Contact Erica Appelros
  • University of Uppsala, Faculty of Theology: Contact Ulf Zakariasson
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