Archaeology, Text, and Historical Interpretation

The Network for Early Christianity in Its Graeco-Roman Context is pleased to invite doctoral students in the Nordic countries as well as the Baltic States to submit a paper for discussion during a Seminar on Archaeology, Text, and Historical Interpretation to take place in Reykjavik 24-27 September 2008 (see the Seminar Program below).

Students may submit a paper proposal on any topic relating to: the integration of archaeology in New Testament Studies, the use of archaeolgy for the study of literary texts, the problem of interpretation in view of archaeology or text, or on the archaeology of Ephesus. Papers should not exceed 15 pages: size A-4, font Times New Roman 12 pt., or similar, with line spacing set at 1,5, margins not to exceed 3cm on each side. Total time for each student presentation is 30 min. Furthermore, students are expected to familiarize themselves with the readings on the attached Reading List (see below).

Student participation fee is NKR 1.000. The fee will be deducted from the receipts submitted for reimbursement after the seminar. For reimbursement, please fill out the proper form from the University of Oslo and submit promtply after the seminar. Processing reimbursements may take several weeks.

Please observe the following deadlines: 1. Intention to participate: 30 June 2008. Send your name and paper title to Prof. Jon Ma. Asgeirsson 2. Submit your paper electronically to Prof. Jon Ma. Asgeirsson on or before 15 August 2008. Student papers will be distributed to seminar participants electronically before the meeting.

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