Transformations of gender in early christianity: theoretical and material approaches

Invitation to Nordic PhD-seminar in Network for the Study of Early Christianity in Greco-Roman Context, together with the research project Metamorphoses: Resurrection, Taxonomies and Transformative Practices in Early Christianity, at Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS), Oslo .

This seminar will focus on theoretical and thematic discussions of gender in the study of Early Christianity. Special emphasis will be put on the new theoretical approach within history, “the linguistic turn,” represented by the work of Professor Elizabeth A. Clark, Duke University. Her book: History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn. Cambridge, MA : Harvard UP, 2004, will be the basis for her lecture, as well as for a special discussion. Other lectures will focus on asceticism and the ambiguity of gender in asceticism, and transformation processes related to gender and reproduction.
Nordic Ph.D.-students and young scholars in all relevant areas are invited to attend the seminar, and to present short papers or presentations of their projects.

The seminar will be held at CAS, the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, Drammensvn. 78, Oslo (March 12 - 13) and Faculty of Theology, Blindervn. 9, (March 14).


Monday 12.- Tuesday 13:
Videnskapsakademiet, Drammensvn. 78

Start: Monday 11. am.
Seminar dinner: Monday at
Tuesday from 9:15 until 16.


  • Elizabeth Clark, Duke University , “Late Ancient Christian texts in light of “the linguistic turn.”
  • Antti Marjannen,Helsinki University (CAS) ”Male Women Martyrs: the function of gender transformation language in Early Christian Martyrdom Accounts.”
  • Jorunn Okland, University of Sheffield (CAS), “Noises from the Margin: What are Feminist Studies of Early Christianity for?”
  • Halvor Moxnes, University of Oslo , ”Manly Eunuchs? Contradictions and gender ambiguity in Early Christianity”
  • Turid Karlsen Seim, University of Oslo (CAS), "The Mystery of The Two Becoming One Flesh. Readings of Gen 2.24 in The New Testament and Beyond."

Discussion of gender studies/ Early Christian studies in the Nordic countries. Information about future plans for the Network and about the research project Metamorphoses.

Wednesday 14. March: Det teologiske fakultet, Blindervn.9,

Start 9:15. – End: at the latest 16.00.

Elizabeth A. Clark, Introduction to : History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn. Cambridge , MA : Harvard UP,

Presentation and discussion of papers by PhD-students. Detailed programme for the seminar will sent when we know the number of participants and their presentations.

Professor Elizabeth Clark has authored or co-authored eleven books. Ascetic Piety and Women's Faith: Essays on Late Ancient Christianity, won the 1986 Adele Mellen prize for distinguished contributions to scholarship. Dr. Clark has been President of the American Academy of Religion, of the American Society of Church History, and of the North American Patristic Society. Other relevant books and articles : Reading Renunciation: Asceticism and Scripture in Early Christianity. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1999. (420 pp.); "Women, Gender, and the Study of Christian History." Church History 70 (2001): 395-426.

Elizabeth Clark : History, theory, text : historians and the linguistic turn . Cambridge , MA : Harvard UP, 2004 In addition: Articles related to the different papers.

Finances, academic credits, travels
Within the Norwegian system the course will give 3 credits at PhD-level, based on active participation: a short paper or presentation of your PhD-work. PhD-students will take part in the seminar March 12-13, and will have a separate session on March 14, partly for presentations, and partly for discussions with professor Clark on her book. Scholarships are available to cover travel costs and hotel in Oslo. Meals during the seminar (luncheons and dinners) will be provided. Please indicate your needs when you register.

Plan your travel so that you arrive in Oslo Monday morning (direct train from airport to Nationaltheater station (ca. 25 mins.), from there 5 mins by tram to Drammensvn.78. If you leave Wednesday afternoon, there is a bus for the airport (1 hour) at 03 and 33 every hour directly from the stop Vestre Aker Kirke, in Kirkeveien, 5 mins from the Faculty of Theology.


The text of short presentations to be discussed should be sent to Halvor Moxnes before February 20. 

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