Eros and Agape. Love, compassion and mysticism in Early Christianity

Responsible institutions: Lund (S. Rubenson,), Helsinki (R. Uro), Reykjavik (J. Asgeirson). International experts: Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University, RI, USA; professor Sebastian Brock, Oxford.

Applications for participation in the course should be sent to professor Samuel Rubenson, (Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Allhelgona kyrkogata 8, SE-223 62 LUND, Sweden, by January 31, 2006 . The application must in addition to personal information (full name, date of birth and home address) include information about previous studies, a short description of the dissertation project, proposed date of delivery of the disseratation and name and address of supervisor. Questions about the course may be sent to Samuel Rubenson.

Asceticism, Thomas literature, Hellenization, Oriental Christianity:

With financial support from the NordForsk network, Early Christianity in its Greco-Roman Context (leader: Professor Halvor Moxnes, Oslo University) under the Nordic Council, the Faculties of Theology in Lund, Helsinki and Reykjavik organize a Ph.D. course in Syria 14. - 29. October 2006.


The course is organized by prof. Jón Ma Ásgeirsson, Reykavik, prof. Risto Uro, Helsinki and prof. Samuel Rubenson, Lund.

Other teachers

Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey, Brown University, RI, USA; professor Sebastian Brock, Oxford.


Important themes are: the synthesis between Semitic and Greek culture in the early development of Christianity in Syria , the importance of Jewish tradition, orthodoxy and heresy in the first centuries, the emergence of Syriac literature, early monasticism in Syria amd the poetic theology of the most important Syrian fathers. In the course major excursions are made to important sites in Northern Syria and Southeastern Turkey , like Antkaya, St. Simeon, Urfa/Edessa, Tur Abdin, Nusaybin and Palmyra .

The course is open for graduate students working on dissertations related to Early Christianity and its historical context in general. Students working on a master thesis as well as younger scholars who have finished their disseratations may apply, but will only be considered if the stipulated number of participants is not already filled. The course will be subsidized for doctoral students, but participants will have to contribute through other funds with ca. 6.000-8.000 SEK themselves.

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