Body, Mind, and Society in Early Christianity

A research seminar on "Body, Mind, and Society in Early Christianity" will be arranged in Helsinki, 31 August to 3 September, 2005. The goal of the seminar is to inititate a dialogue between the social-scientific study of early Christianity and the new approaches in comparative religion using perspectives from cognitive science. Invited speakers include Philip Esler (University of St.andrews), Luther Martin (University of Vermont) and Vernon Robbins (Emory University). Network teacher exchange: Ingvild Gilhus (University of Bergen). Convenor: Risto Uro (University of Helsinki).

Especially for doctoral students or post-docs whose research topic is related to sociological or psychological aspects of early Christian religion, this seminar would give a fine opportunity to discuss methodological issues of his/her work and to familiarize oneself with the most recent developments in the field.

Are you interested in participating, contact Professor Risto Uro.

The papers will appear two weeks before the seminar on the website of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

List of papers:


  • Ilkka Pyysiäinen, University of Helsinki: "Religion, Cognition, and Social Sciences"
  • Philip F. Esler, University of St. Andrews: Response
  • Luther L. Martin, University of Vermont: "Contributions of Cognitive Science to the Historical Study of Religions"
  • István Czachesz, University of Groningen: "The Emergence of Early Christian Religion: A Naturalistic Approach"
  • Tom Sjöblom, University of Helsinki: "Cognition in Narratives: Spatial and Temporal Metaphors in early Christian Literature"
  • Vernon K. Robbins, Emory University: "Conceptual Blending and Early Christian Imagination"
  • Hugo Lundhaug, University of Bergen: "Metaphor, Intertextuality, and Conceptual Blending in the Exegesis on the Soul (NHC II,6)"
  • Ingvild Gilhus, University of Bergen: "Sexuality and Knowledge: The Relationship Between Carnality and Salvation in Sethian Gnostic Texts"
  • Risto Uro, University of Helsinki: "Ritual, Memory, and the Transmission of Early Christian traditions"
  • Petri Luomanen, University of Helsinki: "Sociology of Knowledge, Cognitive Approaches and the Study of Early Christianity"
  • Philip F. Esler, University of St. Andrews: "A Cognitive Approach to Collective Memory and Group Identity in the Formation of the Christ-Movement"
  • Raimo Hakola, University of Helsinki: "Stereotypes and Social Identity: The Pharisees in Early Christian Imagination"
  • Jutta Jokiranta, University of Helsinki: "Social Identity and Group Development in the Qumran Movement" 
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