Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, University of Lund, Sweden

The Lund Project Group

  • Rubenson, Samuel, Professor
  • Hidal, Sten, Professor
  • Steppa, Jan-Eric, Research Assistant
  • Zetterholm, Magnus, Research Assistant
  • Rönnegård, Per, PhD-candidate
  • Alveteg, Kristina, PhD-candidate
  • Dahlman, Britt, PhD-candidate
  • Johnsén, Henrik, PhD-candidate


The Patristics seminar, chaired by professor Rubenson, is an interdisciplinary research seminar for the study of the Early Church in its Greco-Roman context. Participants,in in addition ot established scholars and PhD-candidates from Lund, regularly include scholars and PhD-candidates from other Nordic universities.

A related activity is the Collegium Patristicum Lundense, with many members also outside of the University and internationally, which organises lectures and reseach seminars, and also publishes a bulletin which in addition to scholarly articles, above all serves as an information centre in early Christian studies, and provides bibliographical information and many reviews.

Focus of research within Early Christian studies above all on how Christians appropriated and transformed the Greek cultural and philosophical heritage.

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