Participants in Systematic theology

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Werner G. Jeanrond Professor +47 22850320
Marius Timmann Mjaaland Professor +47 22850341 +47 46 77 99 97 Philosophy, Systematic Theology, Political Theology, Phenomenology, Life Science
Birgitte Lerheim Associate Professor +47 22850385 Professional Ethics, Protestant Religion, Ethics
Trygve Eiliv Wyller Professor Emeritus +47 22850359 +47 97029427 (mob) Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Diaconology, Ethics, Nordic Protestantism, Space theory
Merete Thomassen Associate Professor +47 22850316 +47 92236918 Liturgical Studies, Practical Theology, Ritual studies, Liturgical Langugae, Feminist Theology, Gender Inclusive Language, Gender and Religion, Systematic Theology
Jone Salomonsen Professor +47 22850373 Liturgy, Luther Studies, Liturgical Studies, Systematic Theology, Contextual Theology, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion, New Religious Movements, Secularism and Secularity
Angela Timmann-Mjaaland Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22850358 Practical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Ecclesiology, Hermeneutics, Sociology of Religion
Sven Thore Kloster
Sebastian Ekberg Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Dogmatics, Ecclesiology, Aesthetics and Religion, Ethics, Saints and Sanctity, Hermeneutics, Humanism, Interreligious Dialogue, Christian Art and Iconography, Christology, Mariology, Mediaeval Christianity, Orthodoxy and Heresy, Philosophy of Religion, Eastern Christianities, Latin