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Authoritative Texts and Their Reception

ATTR research group focuses on the methods, processes, and history of the interpretation of texts that have been or are perceived of as authoritative in distinct social and institutional settings.

The research group is an interdisciplinary group open for PhDs and researchers who are working within the fields of Theology, Law and the Humanities, and who are affiliated with ATTR or employed at the Faculty of Theology. The Research group is led by Prof. Hugo Lundhaug.

Textual interpretation is fundamental to research in the humanities, law, and theology. Whether texts are studied for their own sake, utilized as sources in historical studies, or applied in juridical contexts, there are common challenges and overlapping approaches across academic disciplines. Due to the authority bestowed upon certain texts, interpretation becomes crucial.

The interpretation of such authoritative texts is, and has always been, of fundamental importance to the practice and development of law, religion, and culture throughout history. Yet an interdisciplinary venue spanning the humanities, law, and theology aimed at facilitating the discussion of methods and perspectives relating to this essential socio-cultural activity has been lacking.

The objective of ATTR is to create such a venue, where interpretive methodologies can be critically discussed, evaluated, and developed.

The research  group is open for researchers at all stages and levels, unlike the research school, where the objective is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary scholarly network that will ultimately enable its participants to engage in cutting-edge research on textual interpretation of authoritative texts.all activities are focused on PhD fellows and their dissertational work.


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