Poster Session

Information about poster session on April 23rd

If you are presenting a paper, please submit material here, so the other participants can read up before the paper sessions.

For information about the poster specifications, please follow the poster guidelines found here

Note that it is the size of the size of the poster board that is indicated here. The actual posters should be smaller than this size to fit on the board.


Posters will be commented by:
Sarojini Nadar, Cape Town
Pamela Couture, Toronto
Hans-Günter Heimbrock, Frankfurt


Kung - In Search of True-ness: Dialogue Between Political Localism and Theological Ecumenism in Post-Umbrella Movement

Krause - Converted Bodies

Bangura - Pentecostal worship liturgies and African migrant churches in Belgium: Negotiating between noise nuisance and the African cultural desideratum

Van Oorschot - Power as ‘Prefiguration’ – a concept for pastoral care?

Lorensen - Space: Migration and Beyond, A Glimpse From the Outside. Other-Wise Understandings of Church

Leth-Nissen - What Money Can't Buy?

Ideström - Church in transit – theological action research and migration

Rønkilde - Embodied faith formation – the importance of participation in 21st Century Christianity

Weyel / Fronek - Doing Family on the Occasion of Rites of Passage

Radford - ‘My story is an opening to another(s) world’: narrating reform at the margins

Reblin - Comics in Religious Education: Resources and pedagogical practices of a teaching experience in South Brazil

Dillen - Transformation within the Catholic Church? Views on the body, sexuality and marriage in dialogue with Amoris Laetitia

Müller - Life-changing religious experiences – experience-based transformation

as a paradigm for practical theology.

Msabah - Refugees’ integration and the quest for spatial de-politicisation in South Africa: a phenomenological empiricism

Tejedo - Religion, Migration, and Human Trafficking: Evidence from Grassroots Practitioners

Lawson - Denying the Binary – A Non-Boolean Approach to Queer Bodies in Theology

Fretheim - Democratic agency and denial: Doing practical theology in the Anthropocene

De Roest - Churches on shaky ground

Yancey - How can the practical theological value of reflexivity benefit contemporary evangelical discussions regarding the role of capitalist enterprise in a post-colonial context?

Leis-Peters - Emancipating From or Returning To Practical Theology

Reflections on the Position of Diaconal Studies in the Field of Theology


Breed - Help to the pornography addicted by the embodiment of love


Lehner-Hartmann - To live and to learn from and with refugees

Vähäkangas / Saarelainen Relational Death at Home – Meaning in Life of a Dying Patient and Family Carer

DubiskiPastoral care and cognitive behavioral therapy

Johannessen-HenryCommunal Space:The Interface between Church and Church Members in Danish Funeral Practice

Klaasen - Narrative and Practical theology: Experience embedded reasoning

Holmqvist / Sandsmark - Reforming the practices of professionals

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