Conference sessions and design

Conference Language: English. Translations to Spanish and German provided

  • Plenary sessions will be simultaneously translated into Spanish and German. Translation in all other sessions will depend on the translation skills of participants in the groups concerned.

Conference Sessions:

  • Seven plenary sessions. Form: keynote lecture followed by a prepared response. Finish with questions from conference participants and discussions.
    • Four parallell paper and workshop sessions. Two sessions of parrallell groups both Friday and Saturday with 3 presenters in each of them. One session is 1,5 hours. You can choose to send an individual paper proposal (then we compose the group) or suggest a workshop proposal together with 2-3 other persons to focus in depth on one topic only, or on a practice (then you suggest to compose the group).
  • Official Conference Dinner with Cultural program. Saturday evening
  • Morning mediations/rituals and closing ritual: participants are invited to plan and lead early morning meditations which take place 8:30-8:50 before the conference starts at 9:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. According to the ESWTR tradition the conference also closes with a ritual. This ritual will be coordinated by members of the organizing committee in Oslo.
  • Meetings in two kinds of small groups during the conference: Country groups meeting and ESWTR members meeting (Thursday).

Read how to submit your paper or panel proposals. 

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