Conference theme and keynote speakers

This conference welcomes a variety of theoretical and practical strategies to identify and critique the ideologies and practices that contribute to gender polarity and religious nationalism – both in the Nordic countries and comparatively in Europe and the USA. It also aims at providing collaborative, creative spaces to help envision new sustainable democratic practices and cultures, including within church and its associated form of ritualized life. The conference is open to the general public.  

Conference aim

The conference aims to support Nordic, European and international scholars and practitioners and facilitate critical academic exchange, inter-religious networking, and transnational collaboration. It welcomes women, men, gender-variant and non-binary individuals involved in academic research in theology, religion, inter-religious relations, cultural and social sciences, and other relevant fields. Ministers, students, artists, independent researchers, and individuals employed by academic institutions are equally welcome.

Keynote speakers

Catherine Keller (Professor of Constructive Theology, Drew University, USA): *Ecology of Intersections: Democratic Fragility, White Man's Christianity and Feminist Theology. 

Lovisa Mienna Sjøberg (Ass. Professor of Religion, Sámi University of Applied Sciences, Kautokeino, Norway): *Garvves mailbmi – A Complete World. Stories from Sapmi that tell us about responsibility in God's Creation. 

Cathrine Thorleifsson (PhD Social Anthropology, Post.Doc. Centre for Research on Extremism (C-Rex), University of Oslo, Norway): *Sacralising Supremacy: On far-right scapegoating in the age of mediated threats. 

Linn Tonstad (Ass. Professor of Theology, Religion and Sexuality, Yale University, USA): *Gender Matters. 

Rita Perintfalvi (Post.Doc., Institut für Alttestamentliche Bibelwissenschaft, University of Graz, Austria): *Antigenderism and neo-homophobic discourses on the horizons of right-wing populism and Christian religious fundamentalism. Warning signals from Hungary.

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