ESWTR 2021 conference theme

Resisting Womanhood

Feminist theology confronts European nationalism, non-democracy, climate denial and gender-hierarchy


Feminism is a situated strategic for civic and political inclusion, and cultural/religious change. It is constituted by its pluralist methods, theory and history and presumes real disagreements when it comes to gender theory, sexual difference and the usefulness of the categories ‘woman’, ‘man’ and ‘queer’. Yet, is feminism necessarily also democratic, liberal and ecological? Are climate sensitive feminists agents of resistance against the rise of a new European radical right, with its nationalism, climate denial, nature romanticism, white supremacy ideals and return to so-called natural gender hierarchies (or complementarities)? If so, what are the specific challenges to feminist theology? In this conference we want to relate opposing political cries in the contemporary – global climate crisis on the one hand and calls to return to local, ethnic-nationalist forms of religioning on the other – and challenge feminist theologians and religious studies scholars worldwide to bring forth new reflections and critiques on these intertwined, sticky topics.

We also need your counter-narratives, or visions of alternative practices. We call on you to point out and present untold, redemptive, collaborative and truly pluralist practices (including ritualized ones) that may take us beyond the nature-culture binary, and that you explain to us why.

Published June 5, 2020 10:00 AM - Last modified June 11, 2020 12:25 PM