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Research interests

My primary interest is the history of Christianity in early modern Europe (c. 1500–1800), focusing especially on the Lutheran Reformation in the Danish-Norwegian territories (Denmark, Norway, the North Atlantic isles, and Schleswig-Holstein) and its impact on theology, ecclesiastical material culture, and migration. With the categories of selfing and othering, I examine how collective identities emerged from the Reformation.

My secondary interest is nineteenth- and twentieth-century sacred architecture as religious and national sites of memory.

Currently I am researching religious toleration in non-Lutheran immigrant congregations and in the long-established Lutheran church in seventeenth-century Schleswig-Holstein.


  • Since 2021 I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Theology at UiO. Before that I was a Carlsberg Foundation postdoctoral researcher at the University of Göttingen (2020).
  • I hold a PhD degree in church history from Aarhus University (2019).
  • I am the editor of Kirkehistoriske Samlinger, the yearbook published by the Society of Danish Ecclesiastical History.


Tags: Church History, Memory Studies, Nations and Nationalism, Nordic Church History after the Reformation


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