Lloyd Gregory Abercrombie

Doctoral Research Fellow - Fagseksjonen

Academic interests

My academic interests are broad. They include cognitive science, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, and theology. But these days, in my working hours, I confine myself to Coptic and early Islamic Egypt. I am particularly interested in what effect the Arab conquest of Egypt had on Coptic literature and manuscript culture. For this reason, I spend a lot of time reading Coptic apocalypses, hagiographies, homilies, and secondary literature on the Arab conquest and Christian Egyptian literature thereafter.


I was born in Kentucky, delivered by a Norwegian doctor (true story!). But most of my life stateside was spent in Georgia. I left the U.S. ten years ago and lived in Japan (2006-2012); Bergen, Norway (2012-2014); and then Japan again (2014-2016), before coming back to Norway in 2016. My academic history is:

- M.A. from the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway in the religious studies program “Religious Roots of Europe” (2014)
[Thesis: “Muslims on the Manichaeans and the Search for Abū ‘Īsā al-Warrāq”]

- B.A. in Linguistics (major) & Philosophy (minor) from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, USA (2006)

Positions Held

PhD Research Fellow. Faculty of Theology. University of Oslo (2016-2019)

English Teacher. Freedom English School. Kumamoto, Japan (2012, 2014-2016)
English Teacher. JET Programme. Kumamoto, Japan (2006-2011)

Networks and partners

I am part of the ERC-funded project “New Contexts for Old Texts: Unorthodox Texts and Monastic Manuscript Culture in Fourth- and Fifth-Century Egypt” (NEWCONT) and the Norwegian Research Council-funded project “Authoritative Texts and their Reception: National Research School in Textual Interpretation” (ATTR).

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