Kristine Toft Rosland

Acedemic interests

My academic interests spans two different areas. The first is early Christianity with a focus on forms of Christianity that did not survive, particularly the versions we learn to know through Nag Hammadi. My PhD project, Exploring the variants of the Apocryphon of John, has grown out of this interest. The second area is connected to didactics and teaching religion and ethics. This is an interest I’ve developed through teaching religion and ethics to future teachers and kindergarten teachers.



I’m a theologian (cand. theol) from The Norwegian School of Theology (2000). I also have undergraduate studies in History of Religion from the University of Oslo (1997) and History from Vestfold University College (2005).


After finishing my studies I worked three years (2001-2003) as a minister in the Church of Norway, in Fauske, Sør-Hålogaland. From 2006-2013 I was Assistant Professor in Religion and Ethics in the teacher training program at Nesna University College.



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  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2010). Kvinnedagen: 2. søndag i faste (Matt 15:21-28 og Mos 32:24-30), I: Stig Lægdene (red.),  Prekener fra Nord-Norge.  Kirkelig utdanningssenter i nord.  ISBN 978-82-997821-2-8.  Kapittel.  s 43 - 44

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  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2017). Jesus fra Nag Hammadi.
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2017). Reading the Apocryphon of John through the Frame Narrative.
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2017). The Nag Hammadi Codices – Very AU Bible Hatefic?.
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  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2015). Changing method, changing context, changing message? Incarnation and the Apocryphon of John..
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  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2015). I turned from the temple to the mountain. Conversion and the Apocryphon of John..
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2015). Reading the Apocryphon of John in a monastic setting. What does this change?.
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2015). The Apocryphon of John and Scripture. The Use of the Old and the New Testament in the Apocryphon of John..
  • Toft, Audun & Rosland, Kristine Toft (2012). Høytidsmarkering i barnehager på Helgeland. Show summary
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2009). Hvem eier gudstjenesten?. Show summary
  • Rosland, Kristine Toft (2008). KRL-faget og samarbeid kirke-skole.

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