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Guest Researcher
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I am currently guest researcher at the Faculty of Theology and Associate Professor of religion, worldviews and ethics at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. In 2019, I was appointed to serve on the Regional Committee for Medical and Health Research Ethics South-East.

I hold a Master's degree in Religious Studies from the University of Bergen (2007) and a PhD from the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo (2015). I have previously worked for the United Nations Association of Norway, the Norwegian Immigration Appeals Board and The Scandinavian University Press. I was employed at the Faculty of Theology from January 2010 to January 2019.

I created and edited the now-defunct Plurel Blog (2011-2014), an academic platform for the dissemination and discussion of scholarly works on religion in the public sphere. I am one of the editors of the collaborative scholarly blog Religion: Going Public (2016->), and the editor for Norway at EUREL, a database of socio-legal data on religion in Europe, and LEGIREL, a database of legislation on religious activities and religious bodies. I am also an occasional contributor to The Immanent Frame, a website run by the US Social Science Research Council, and the creator and editor of the websites of GOBA and ProNoLa (see more below). I tweet irregularly, and not always on religion-related matters. Some of my unpublished and published work is available at my academia.edu profile and my SSRN profile.

Fields of Interest

My main area of interest is the interrelationship between law and religion, which was the subject of both my Master's thesis at the University of Bergen and my PhD dissertation at the University of Oslo. I was recently engaged in two research projects that dealt with different aspects of this relationship: Under the Good Protestant, Bad Religion project (GOBA, funded by the Research Council of Norway, 2014-2018), I examine how Norwegian and Canadian authorities deal with the religious conversion claims of asylum seekers, and the ways in which indigenous peoples frame their religious identities.

Under the Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law project (ProNoLa, funded by Humanities in the European Research Area, 2016-2019), I examined the role of Protestant theology in the creation of legal rules on religious minorities in the Nordic region in the 20th century (click here to download an abstract of this project). I am also affiliated with the research project Value Politics: The role of religion in international relations, where I have contributed with research on the role of religion at the United Nations, and with the Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief, where I have worked with the politicisation of the freedom of religion or belief internationally. I am a member of the International Consortium of Law and Religion Studies (ICLARS) and the Law and Religion Scholars Network (LARSN).

Teaching and Supervision

Lecturer and Course Manager REDI 4000 Interreligious Relations: Defining Moments, Current Encounters (2020)
Lecturer and Course Manager RESA 3101 Religion and Politics in Europe (2018)
Lecturer TEOL1911V/4513 Religion, lovgivning og menneskerettigheter (2017, 2019, 2021)
Lecturer at the interdisciplinary research schools Authoritative Texts and their Reception (ATTR) and Religion, Values and Society (RVS).

Tags: History of Religions, Secularism and Secularity, Religious Studies, Religion and Society
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