Birte Nordahl

PhD candidate
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Phone 22850300
Visiting address Blindernveien 9 Domus Theologica 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1023 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Birte Nordahl is an acclaimed theologian and ordained minister in the Church of Norway.

She has also worked within the performing arts, as an educator, as editor in chief and with social and feminist issues.

Her previous position has among others been as Head of Clergy at Oslo Cathedral. She currently holds a position with Church City Mission in Oslo. 




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Tags: Systematic Theology


  • Nordahl, Birte C (2015). Inkarnasjon. Nytt norsk kirkeblad : for teologi og praksis. ISSN 0802-9504. 2015(2).
  • Nordahl, Birte C (2013). Jesu Livstestamente. Nytt norsk kirkeblad : for teologi og praksis. ISSN 0802-9504. 2013(2).
  • Nordahl, Birte C (2013). Kjærlighet og Kjønn [Love and Gender]. St. Sunniva: Forum for Norsk Kvinnelig Teologforening. ISSN 0808-2901. 2013(2), p. 137–151.

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  • Nordahl, Birte C (2011). KJÆRLIGHET OG KJØNN : En undersøkelse av Rita Nakashima Brocks og Luce Irigarays begreper om kjærlighet og kjønn som bidrag til en teologisk kjærlighetsdiskurs. Unipub forlag.

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