Kaia S. Rønsdal new associate professor at the Faculty of Theology

December 1st is Kaia S. Rønsdal's first day as an associate professor in Leadership, Dialogue and Care in Plural Contexts. She looks forward to work with students who offer insights from lived experiences outside academia.

Photo of Kaia S. Rønsdal

Kaia S. Rønsdal

Kaia already knows the Faculty of Theology well after over 18 years as a student and employee. Until recently, Kaia was employed as a postdoctor on the research project NORDHOST: Nordic Hospitalities in a Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis

In 2016 Kaia completed her doctoral dissertation Calling Bodies in Lived Spaces: Spatial Explorations on the Concept of Calling in a Public Urban Space, where she combined  the perspective of production of space, ethical theory and fieldwork, focusing on the contradictions in lived space, by observing encounters and interactions between different groups of people in everyday public space.


By Marie R. Midtlid
Published Nov. 27, 2020 9:22 AM - Last modified Nov. 27, 2020 9:22 AM