The "Oslo School" in Africa

In May 2019 three of our African PhDs, Loreen Maseno (2008), Maseno University, Kenya, Elia Mligo (2009), Teofilo Kisanji University, Tanzania, and  Zoro Dube (2012), University of Pretoria, organized an international confernce on “The Bible, Gender, and Household in Early Christian Texts and Contemporary Church.”

Photo of Loreen Maseno, Elia Mligo and Zoro Dube.

Loreen Maseno, Elia Mligo and Zoro Dube. Photo: Private

Photo of Halvor Moxnes recieving festschrift
Halvor Moxnes recieves the Festschrift. Photo: Private

The conference was held at Teofilo Kisanji University, Tanzania. There were 11 papers, 6 by women academics, from 4 countries. The conference was a follow up of a Festschrift for professor Halvor Moxnes, The Bible and Sociological Contours: Some African Perspectives. Festschrift for Professor Halvor Moxnes (Bible and Theology in Africa) Peter Lang , NY: 2018, which was launched during the conference.  

Elia Mligo, who is professor and Dean of  Faculty of Theology at Teofilo Kisanji University (owned by the Moravian Church in Tanzania) is now planning a Master of Contextual Theology, inspired by the program at the Faculty of Theology in Oslo. This will be the first such program in East Africa.

Photo of conference participants
The conference participants. Photo: Private.


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