The transcontinental PhD seminar gathered in Oslo

With the new membership of The United Theological College in Bangalore, India, the transcontinental phd seminar now consists of scholars and PhD-students from 5 different continents.

The transcontinental PhD seminar was established in New York at Union Theological Seminary in 2011. With members from 5 different continents, it truly lives up to its name and gives an unique opportunity for PhD-students to establish an international network and get scholarly impulses from around the world.

The seminar meets one week every year at one of the partner institutions. Each seminar is a combination of public lectures and paper sessions. The theme this year was "Re-Discovering God in Postcolonial Contexts (REGO): Exploring Methods and Theories in Theology and Religion". The seminar was held at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo in Norway, October 16th-19th.

Dumisa Mateyo Mbano

The seminar has gradually been expanded, and five institutions from five continents are members in 2017. These are The United Theological College, Bangalore, India; Escola Superior de Teologia of San Leopoldo, Brazil; the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics of the University of Kwazulu-Natal in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa; Union Theological Seminary of New York, USA; and Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo, Norway.

We asked three of the participants what they thought of their visit to Oslo and the seminar.

Mr. Dumisa Mateyo Mbano is a PhD student in Pietermaritzburg. He is no stranger to Oslo as he took part of his masters degree here. 

Professor Lalrinawmi

"It's nice to be here and it's well planned with great food and activities", he tells us. "I get a lot of being here, both the context of what is being discussed and the social network this gives."

Professor Lalrinawmi represents the newest member of the seminar,  The United Theological College in Bangalore.

"I think this is a dream come true to visit Oslo because of Nobel Peace Prize in this city. The city is a promoter of peace for the whole world and therefore it is a big dream for me to be here", she says.

She thinks this collaboration is important because students can get tips for successful writing from each other and the help we get from each other is a good benefits. 

Professor Musskopf

Andr√© S. Musskopf is professor at Escola Superior de Teologia, last years host in San Leopoldo. It is the third time he participates in this program. "There are always good experiences to attend, as there are participants from many cultures from all over the world. They share good experiences about their work and I appreciate that", Musskopf says. 

Published Oct. 19, 2017 1:21 PM - Last modified Oct. 19, 2017 1:21 PM