Workshop: Ritual/liturgical change beyond inclusive language. Why? How? For whom?

A workshop with the lecturers of the 2018 Aasta Hansteen Lecture on Gender and Religion

The workshop will be followed by a social gathering and informal dinner.

About the workshop

As presented by Professors Janet R. Walton and Claudio Carvalhaes:

“During this time we will talk together about the ways we can create worship services from scratch. The workshop will provide resources and experiences that stretch the boundaries of Christian worship including queer and interreligious challenges. We will engage our stories, our traditions, our common sources, the earth and our current political environment. We will eat together and we will imagine and create a worship service at the end”.

Workshop is open to all, pre-registration required. Meal and drinks are included. Carl Petter Opsahl and Jone Salomonsen will assist at workshop. Limited to 50 pre-registered participants.

About the dinner

The social gathering and informal dinner will take Place on Sep 5, 2018, 18:00-21:00.

Join us after workshop for pizza, salad and wine. Let’s celebrate, talk and network! Open to all, pre-registration required. Food and drinks are included. The gathering will take place in a private home. Address will be emailed to guests before event.

Pre-registration required.

Preparing for the Aasta Hansteen Event

“Practicing for Life” is a unique documentary that offers ideas and rationale for change while respecting traditions. The video is the story of what the worshipping community at Union Theological Seminary did (1980-2015) when the Union board and faculty decided to renovate the chapel so that the space would be completely open (no pews, nothing fixed). This commitment intends to connect worship, more visibly and tangibly, with what is studied in class and for advocacy in the world.

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