Persons tagged with «marketing»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ahlberg, Karin Senior Lecturer Middle East, Egypt, Mediterranean Sea, more-than-human, migranting ecologies, statecraft, revolution, tourism, marketing, Political Anthropology, oceans
Byrknes, Maylinn Hovengen Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Bøe, Sunniva Monclair Executive Officer 46885172 Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Colvin, Shane David Senior Engineer +47 22858015 +47 92436625 (mob) Communications, video, sound-media, graphic design, marketing, branding, photography
Eidberg, Mathias H. Communications manager +4722850307 +4740222579 (mob) Communications, Press contact, Marketing, Recruitment of students, Media Survey, Alumni, Research communication
Gylvik, Malin Aurbakken Senior Adviser +4741641449 Marketing, Social Media, Communication
Maartmann-Moe, Anette Head of Business Management +4722135291 +4791729771 (mob) Shop, presents, travel, business, trade, marketing
Storbæk, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22854030 Events, Counselling, Marketing, Communications, Public relations
Strømnes, Stefan Vincent Higher Executive Officer +4792610112 Social media, Communication, marketing
Vestre, Emil Johann Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Wammer, Mari Parelius Adviser +47 48039450 Communication, Social media, marketing