Persons tagged with «epidemiology»

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Bakke, Tor Andreas Professor Emeritus +47 22851678 Biology, Zoology, Parasitology, Systematic, Taxonomy, Eco-parasitology, Epidemiology, Invertebrates, Helminths, Flatworms, Monogeneans, Flukes, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Spiny-headed worms
Berge, Leon Alexander Mclaren Postdoctoral Fellow +47 99605034 Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Microbiology
Dahl, Cecilie Associate Professor +47 22850630 Epidemiology, quantitative methods, environmental epidemiology, osteoporosis and fractures, microbiota, global public health
Gravningen, Kirsten Midttun Associate Professor infection control, infections, Epidemiology, epidemics, Antibiotic Resistance, Antibiotics, COVID-19, Behaviour, Sexually transmitted infections, sexual health
Grytten, Jostein Professor +47-22840387 +47-91390939 (mob) health economics, community dentistry, health services research, epidemiology
Haavardsholm, Espen Andre Adjunct Professor +4799798329 clinical research, randomized clinical trials, Epidemiology, research strategy, clinical effectiveness, clinical effectiveness, clinical guidelines
Hjartåker, Anette Professor +47 22851330 Nutrition, Cancer, Epidemiology, Method development and evaluation, Dietary Research, Diet
Holmstrøm, Henrik Adjunct Professor Congenital Heart Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension, Interventional Cardiology, Epidemiology
Holst, Rene Associate Professor Biostatistics, Biostatistikk, Epidemiologi, Epidemiology
Hovde, Øistein Associate Professor Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Ulcerative colitis, Crohn´s disease, Epidemiology
Natvig, Bård Professor +47 22850608 Social security medicine, Health education, Musculo-skeletal system, Epidemiology
Olsen, Thomas Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22851524 B-vitamins, homocysteine, sulphur amino acids, epidemiology, vitamin A
Olstad, Emilie Willoch PhD Candidate Pharmacoepigenetics, Epigenetics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Epidemiology, Social Pharmacy, Pregnancy
Qin, Ping Professor +47-45229224 Epidemiology, biostatistics, suicide and suicidal behaviour, psychiatric illness, register-based research, data modelling, population study
Rimal, Raju Postdoctoral Fellow 99884369 survival analysis, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, multivariate statistics, melanoma, skin cancer, cancer epidemiology
Schmid, Boris Valentijn Researcher Plague, Ecology, Rodents, History, Epidemiology, Ancient DNA, Evolution, China
Skudutyte-Rysstad, Rasa Associate Professor +47 22852132 epidemiology, caries diagnostics
Sundbakk, Lene Maria Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856136 Pharmacoepidemiology, Biostatistics, Pregnancy, Causal inference, Causality, Epidemiology
Veierød, Marit Bragelien Professor +47 22851432 Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Nutrition, Cancer, Heart vascular and lungs, Research methodology
Zucknick, Manuela Associate Professor +47 22851193 +47 90812078 (mob) Biostatistics, Cancer, Risk prediction, Integrative genomics, Epidemiology, Personalised Medicine, Precision Medicine