Persons tagged with «Technology»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Berg-Hansen, Inger Marie Associate Professor +47 22851913 +47 41688955 (mob) Archaeology, Stone Age, Lithic Technology, Technology, Material culture, Stone Age Survey, Landscape archaeology, Hunter-gatherers
Isungset, Martin Arstad +47 22855290 Sociology, Social inequality, Nature and nurture, Technology, Behavioral Genetics
Jacobsen, Eirik Doctoral Research Fellow +4747275646 Popular Music, Music and Media, Technology, Music and Cultural Understanding, Music industry
Kjus, Yngvar Associate Professor +47-92084733 Popular music, Music media, Music industry, Mediated experience, Technology, Cultural politics
Lande, Tor Sverre +47 22852455 +47 95107155 (mob) Nanoelectronics, Analog, Mixed-signal, Impulse radio, UWB, Wireless, Technology, RFID, Radar
Lutscher, Philipp Postdoctoral Fellow Comparative Politics, Dictatorship, Technology
Medaas, Christian Peter Doctoral Research Fellow Environment, Technology, Material culture, Sustainability
Millet, Audrey Postdoktor History, History of Science, Technology, Labour, Sweatshop, Workers, Clothes, IPR, Industrialisation
Oppegaard, Sigurd Martin Nordli Doctoral Research Fellow Sociology, Labour, labour market, industrial relations, Technology, Sociological Theory, Welfare State
Rudningen , Gudrun PhD candidate 90889793 (mob) Labour, Material culture, Technology
Thorbjørnsen, Sondre Doctoral Research Fellow 97772409 labour geography, labour process theory, global production networks, technology, industry 4.0, advanced manufacturing, platform labour