Persons tagged with «Poetry»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
(Rodin) Maslov, Boris Associate Professor Classics, Literature, Poetry, Greek, Latin
Bär, Silvio Professor - Classics +47-22855338 silvio.baer((at)) Greek, Epic, Poetry, Rhetoric, Intertextuality, Narratology, Reception
Grøtta, Marit Professor +47 22854145 +47 99399851 (mob) Literature, Comparative literature, Poetry, Aesthetics, Visual culture, Photography, Modernity
Hacioglu, Yasemin Nurcan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22856729 +47 92314094 (mob) Women Writers, Narratology, Material Culture, Feminist theory, Philosophy of mind, Poetry, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Nineteenth-Century Studies, Russian literature, Art History
Heggdal, Emma Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854876 +47 92660778 (mob) Poetry, Poetics, Performativity, Literary Theory, American Literature, Scandinavian literature
Janss, Christian Associate Professor German Literature +47 22856871 German, German language literature, Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Henrik Ibsen, Literature and religion, Modernism, Textual Criticism
Layne, Louisa Olufsen Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22840686 English, English literature, Comparative literature, Literature, Harlem Renaissance, Caribbean, Caribbean literature, Black British writing, African American literature, Aesthetics, Popular music, Poetry
Locane, Jorge Joaquin Associate Professor +47 22840690 +47 48648296 (mob) Spanish, Latin American Literature, Spanish Literature, Literary Theory, Book History, Translation, China, Decolonial Theory, Cold War Studies, Comparative Literature, Poetry, Transnational Intellectual Networks, Global South, Globalisation, Glotopolitics, World literature
Pellicer, Juan Christian Kristoffersen Professor +47 22856893 +47 94276081 (mob) English, English Literature, British Literature, Poetry, Genre mixing, Eighteenth Century, Literary Reception, Virgil, Shakespeare, Pastoral, Georgic, Epic, Alexander Pope, John Milton, Allusion
Refsum, Christian Professor +47 22844583 +47 93820707 (mob) +47 93820707 Literature, Literary Theory, Aesthetic theory, Translation theory, Writing, Poetry, Love Studies, Film