Persons tagged with «Migration»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andersson, Mette Professor +47 22854974 +47 92061878 (mob) Migration, Globalization, Cultural and political participation, Public sphere, Race and ethnicity, Sport
Athari, Zahir Research Assistant +47 91008586 (mob) 91008586 Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Migration, Language and Ideologies
Birkvad, Simon Roland Doctoral Research Fellow +47 90190489 (mob) Citizenship, Migration, immigration policy, Integration
Eick, Frode Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93853244 (mob) Migration, UHC
Fuglerud, Øivind Professor +47 22859992 Social anthropology, Ethnography, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Diaspora, Ethnicity, Materiality and mediation, Migration, Nationalism, Rituals and Cosmology
Furseth, Inger Professor +47 22858299 +47 95009949 (mob) Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Social Movements, Migration, Gender
Führer, Laura Maria Migration, Racism, Identity, Whiteness, Feminist theory, Norway, Arabic
Gotehus, Aslaug PhD candidate 97680167 Human Geography, Development studies, Migration, Transnationalism
Gözen, Irep Head of Group +47 22840596 Lipids, Vesicles, Artificial taxis, Mechanical damage, Soft matter, Migration, Nanotubes, Microfluidics, Supported membranes
Hagelund, Anniken Head of Department +47 22858470 Sociology, Welfare State, welfare policy, Politics, Migration
Hernandez Carretero, Maria migration, refugees, asylum, hospitality, belonging, citizenship, solidarity, reciprocity, morality, obligations, transnationalism, hope, uncertainty, risk
Janmyr, Maja Professor +47 41343691 (mob) Refugee and Asylum Law, Human Rights, Public International Law, Migration, Sociology of Law
Khachaturyan, Elizaveta Associate Professor +47 22856534 Italian, Italian Language, Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Semantics, Discourse Analysis, Multilingualism, Migration, Identity, Translation Studies, Spoken Language, Discourse markers
Lanza, Elizabeth Centre Director +47 22856751 Multilingualism, Migration, Language Socialization, Family Language Policy, Language Ideologies, Linguistic Landscapes, Interactional Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis
Lomeu Gomes, Rafael Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22 85 71 79 r.l.gomes (at) iln (dot) uio (dot) no Multilingualism, Ideology, Identity, Migration, Transnationalism
Midtbøen, Arnfinn Haagensen Associate Professor +47 22854207 +47 92082553 (mob) +47 920 82 553 Sociology, Migration, Integration, Citizenship, Social inequality, Labour market, Public sphere
Morken, Ivar Associate Professor +47 22858123 +47 92460203 (mob) Socialization, Disabilities, Normality, Migration, Culture
Mozetic, Katarina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 45060947 (mob) 45060947 Sociology, Migration, Integration, refugees, qualitative research, Europe
Mysterud, Atle Professor +47 22854045 +47 92653148 (mob) Animal Migration, Foraging ecology, Life-history evolution, Migration, Partial migration, Plant-herbivore interactions, Ruminants, Ungulate grazing ecology, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Deer, Ecology, Grazing ecology, Large herbivores, Ungulates
Olszewska, Aleksandra Postdoctoral Fellow Multilingualism, Bilingualism, Linguistic justice, Justice, Migration, Refugee-background students, Identity, Multilingual ideologies and language policies, Translanguaging, Multilingual language practices, Polish, Second language, Workplace Studies, Narratives
Page, Alexander Gamst Researcher Migration, Political Ideology, Asia, China, diversity, Ethnography, Minorities, identity
Rønsdal, Kaia Associate Professor +47 22850392 +47 92649100 (mob) +47 92649100 Systematic Theology, Migration, Diaconia, Phenomenology of Religion, Professional Ethics, Spatial theory
Sabbatini, Sergio Lecturer +47 22856355 +47 97520081 (mob) Italian, Italian Literature, Italian Language, Italy, Italian as a Foreign Language, Second language, Gender and literature, Migration, Migration literature
Schimanski, Johan Professor +47 22854314 +47 97424023 (mob) Comparative Literature, Literature, Literary studies, Literary theory, Borders, National identity, Postcolonialism, Arctic, Welsh literature, Science Fiction, Literary museums, Migration literature, Migration, Research administration
Schmidt, Helena M. Strandli Doctoral Research Fellow Systematic Theology, Diaconial Science, Ethics, Migration
Schneider, Arnd Professor +47 22857625 +47 46070512 (mob) Anthropology of art, Material culture, Migration, Visual Anthropology, Latin America, Sicily
Schumacher Eder Fuao, Rebeca Senior Lecturer +47 22858791 +47 94203639 (mob) +4794203639 French literature, French Language, French area studies, French History, Portuguese Language, Portuguese literature and culture, Distant reading, Migration literature, Migration, Gender and literature.
Segers, Iris Beau Researcher Political communication, Social Movements, right-wing politics, Migration, Gender
Sæther, Steinar Andreas Professor +47 22858246 +47 91521986 (mob) Latin America, History, Migration, Social History, Colonial History
Thorleifsson, Cathrine Researcher 93094503 (mob) Political Anthropology, the Far Right, Nationalism, Identity and Ideology, Migration, Borders, Globalisation, Europe, Middle East, Israel
Tica, Sabina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857704 +47 93087448 (mob) Migration, diversity, Cultural and political participation, Social inequality, Sociology
Zadrożna, Anna PhD Candidate Migration, Islam, Political Anthropology, ethnicity, Memories, Affect, Nationalism, Environmental Anthropology, Political ecology, Spiritualisme, Health, Indigenous knowledge