Persons tagged with «Literature search»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bjerkenes, Glenn Karlsen Head Librarian Library, Literature search, Information Literacy, EndNote, Interlibrary loans
Christophersen, Ellen Head Librarian +47 23074428 +47 41393257 (mob) Library, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Clarke, Sara Section Manager +47 91004052 (mob) Library, Literature search
Danbolt, Karen Head Librarian +47 22859426 Library, Teaching, Literature search, Loan, Reminder
Deichman-Sørensen, Marte Birkeland Academic Librarian +47 22859709 +47 40471116 Library, Law, Development, Research, Courses, Teaching, Legal technology, Legal research, Literature search
Flaatten, Hilde Iren Senior Librarian +47 22119497 +47 97651394 (mob) Library, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital
Hamre, Inger Marta +47 22859352 ALMA, Courses, Loan, Reminder, Library guidance, Library, Literature search
Isachsen, Marie Susanna Senior Librarian +47 41237582 (mob) Library, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital
Kalvik, Skjalg Tønnessen Senior Librarian +47 46789239 (mob) Library, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Kleven, Gunn Terese Senior Librarian +47 41206233 (mob) Library, Literature search, Teaching, Rikshospitalet
Kosberg, Kristin Senior Librarian +47 22858019 +47-91153912 Acquisition, Alma, Bibliographic work, Borrowing, Centre for Ibsen Studies Library, Cataloging, Classification, Digital Humanities, Drama, Ibsen, Ibsen studies, Library, Library guidance, Literature search, Oria, The International Ibsen Bibliography, The Virtual Ibsen Centre
Lagem, Vibeke Lowzow Head Librarian +47 22850156 Library, Literature search, Loan, Library guidance, Cataloguing
Lund, Mariann Senior Librarian +47 91244108 (mob) Library, Informatics library, EndNote, Literature search
Lykkja, Pål Magnus Academic Librarian +47 22857150 92886183 Library, Economics, Special needs education, Digital research methods, Literature search
Løken, Fredrik Senior Librarian +47 22859883 Library, Desk duty, Teaching, Literature search, EndNote
Næss, Turid Olive Senior Librarian +47 22857554 Library, Loan, Literature search
Skattebu, Julie Head Librarian +47 22852123 +47 92257623 (mob) Library, Library guidance, EndNote, Literature search, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Soelberg, Signy Rose Senior Librarian +47 22852192 Library, EndNote, Literature search, Teaching, Loan, Ullevål Hospital, Dentistry library
Strømme, Hilde Academic Librarian +47 23074422 +47 41247840 (mob) Library, Literature search, Teaching, Rikshospitalet
Sæbø, Anne Senior Academic Librarian +47 22844025 Library, Research Support, Teaching, Literature Search, EndNote, Digital Humanities, Digital Research Methods
Vinger, Siri Margrethe Cecilie Head Librarian +47 22859734 Library, Cataloguing, Literature search, Loan, Classification
Werner, Tarjei Fiskergård Senior Librarian +47 23074471 Library, Literature search, Teaching, EndNote, Rikshospitalet
Westbye, Hilde Assistant Director +47 22859888 +47 93060480 (mob) Library, Leadership, Teaching, Information literacy, Courses, Literature search
Østbye, Sigrid Elisabeth Academic Librarian +47 22859879 Library, Teaching, Library guidance, Reference work, EndNote, Zotero, Literature search, Research support