Persons tagged with «Gender»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Brekke, Tone Irene Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858743 +47 97619631 (mob) Romanticism, Literature, Feminist theory, Gender, Critical theory
Camacho Mejia, Guisela Carolina Doctoral Research Fellow +47 94477379 Human Rights, Human Geography, Peru, Colombia, Food Systems, Global South, Gender, Latin America, Peace and conflict studies, Poverty and Development, International Public Law
Furseth, Inger Professor +47 22858299 +47 95009949 (mob) Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Social Movements, Migration, Gender
Førde, Kristin Engh Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858744 Gender, Fertility, Reproduction, Kinship, Family, Extremism
Halsaa, Beatrice Professor Emerita +47-22858976 Social Science, Citizenship, Feminist theory, Women’s movements, Gender, Equality, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism
Hansen, Maria Louise Doctoral Research Fellow 22858946 Sexuality, Gender, Consent, Rape, Youth
Hjukse, Kaja Berg Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857570 +47 92486575 (mob) 92486575 Medical Anthropology, Social change, Buddhism, Gender, Kinship, Myanmar, Southeast Asia
Holter, Øystein Gullvåg Professor Emeritus Sociology, Gender, Men, Masculinities, Equality, Democratization
Houge, Anette Bringedal Postdoctoral Fellow +47 99224698 (mob) 99224698 Sociology of Law, International Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminology, War and conflict, Criminalization, Gender, Conflict-related sexual violence, Sexual violence, Torture, Institutional responses, Institutional knowledge and knowledge transfer
Howell, Signe Professor emerita Adoption, Biotechnology, Emotions, Fertility, Gifts/commodities, Religion, Rituals, Social organisation, Kinship, Gender, Ecological anthropology
Høy-Petersen, Nina Doctoral Research Fellow (on leave) phenomenology, Embodiment, Gender, Iconology
Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn Associate Professor +47 22856952 +47 90948254 (mob) 90948254 English, American Studies, United States, USA, American History, American Politics, Social History, Gender, Women's history, Gender history, Race, Racism, American culture, Film, Interracial Relationships, Sexuality, Marriage history, Research Methods, Memory, Americans in Norway
Krause, Jana Associate Professor +3162722946 (mob) Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Kreft, Anne-Kathrin Postdoctoral Fellow +47 91994637 (mob) Conflict, Violence, Gender, Civil society
Larsen, Kjersti Professor +47 22859968 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Indian Ocean, Northern Sudan, Islam, Rituals and Cosmology, Religion, Mobility and Migration, Gender, Identity, Performativity
Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt Research Fellow +47-22858979 +47-92038367 (mob) Sociology, Bodies, Masculinities, Gender, Gender equality, Health
Lingaas, Else Marie Senior advisor 22856332 Continuing Education, Gender, Management Development, Organizational development
Liu, Fengshu Professor +47 22856163 +47 41697272 (mob) Education, Modern childhood, Gender, China, Global South
Lund, Rebecca Postdoctoral Fellow Gender, Knowledge, Epistemic Injustice, Academia, Class, Institutional Ethnography, Feminist theory, Intersectionality
Marty, Samira Damaris Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854994 +41762031088 (mob) Guatemala, Nicaragua, Gender, Violence, Post-conflict societies, State, Inequality, Racism, marginalisation, post-colonial theory, Latin America, Power, Central America, Political theory, Temporality
Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Professor Emerita +47-22858942 +47-92667801 (mob) Gender, Gender equality, Gender socialisation, Generations, School, Children, Girls, Boys, Youth, Identity, Subjectivity, Psychoanalytic theory, Psychosocial perspectives, Social change, Modernity, China
Normann, Susanne Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858910 99239715 critical psychology, qualitative research, political ecology, Gender, Brazil
Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer Feminist theory, Gender, Bodies, Equality, History, Health, Literature, Film, Disabilities
Pettersen, Vilde Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858932 +47 98641334 (mob) Feminism, Anarchism, Emma Goldman, Political philosophy, Gender
Roslonska, Zuzanna Doctoral Research Fellow Antisemitism, Terrorism, Extremism, Nationalism, Gender, History
Schober, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22855396 +47 90292834 (mob) Economic anthropology, Labour, Gender, Asia, South Korea, Philippines
Segers, Iris Beau Researcher Political communication, Social Movements, right-wing politics, Migration, Gender
Skumsnes, Reinert Vikjord Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22858742 +47 95904022 (mob) Body, Sex, Gender, Family, Egyptology, Feminist theory, Anthropological theory
Snickare, Lotta Karin Researcher +47 948 53 365 (mob) Organisation, Leadership, Men, Masculinities, Democracy, Gender, Gender Equality, Decisionmaking
Solbrække, Kari Nyheim Professor +47 22845373 +47 90016689 (mob) Medical Sociology, Gender, Illness Experiences, Diagnoses, Technology and Care, Global South
Sollund, Ragnhild Professor +47 22850124 +47 92863397 (mob) Criminology, Sociology of Law, Gender, Crime and deviance, Marginalisation, Green criminology, Wildlife crime, Animal abuse
Stølen, Kristi Anne Emeritus +47-22858980 Gender, Latin America, Natural Resource Management, Poverty
Syse, Karen Lykke Associate Professor +47 22858949 +47 97631973 (mob) Nature and Culture, Food, Gender, Landscape
Van Der Velden, Maja Professor +47 22852816 +47 95470009 (mob) anthropology of technology, circular economy, design justice, ethics, feminist technoscience, gender, intersectionality, sustainability, sustainable digitalisation, systems thinking
Vislie, Camilla Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22858903 +47 92666902 (mob) Gender, Sexualities, Youth, Subjectivity, Rape
WIkan, Unni Professor emeritus - Department of Social Anthropology +47-22855729 identity, Gender, Integration, Human rights, Middle East, The Nordic countries, Indonesia
Winther, Tanja Professor and Head of research centre Include +47-22858915 Energy, Electricity, Gender, Practice, Sustainable development, Africa, Asia, Norway, Consumption and Wellbeing, India, Global South, Europe
Økland, Jorunn Professor +47-93442088 (mob) Gender, Theology, Religion, Feminist theory