REDO Subprojects

Project group I: Inflating ritual, minimizing religion, renewing collective identity.

The subprojects of this group are directly concerned with public ritual sites in times of crisis and prospects of renewal, and the role of minimized religion in negotiating national and other collective identities We also ask: In what ways do collective ritual actions constitute an efficient, appropriate response to terror, financial and social insecurity and environmental unease, and to what extent do such actions foster participation in what is called “democracy from below”?

Project group II: Ritual, democracy and new social movements

The subprojects of this group are concerned with the emergence of a new range of transnational social movements, networks, and organizations seeking to promote a more just and equitable global order. A generally overlooked feature of these transnational social movements is the role played therein by ritualized political commemoration. Through comparative research this group seeks to trace and analyse social movements through the lens of ritual theory.

Project group III: Ritual, environment and performative renewal of individual identity

The subprojects of this group are concerned with ritualized activities relating to the revitalization of land and its products. They explore the ways innovative, environmentally aware ritual performances – the revival of ancient pilgrimage routes, eco-tourism ventures, reforestation initiatives and sacred dance – provide the grounds for new forms of relationship between human and more-than-human agents and assemblages.