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Courses and seminars - PhD

Educational component

The educational component of the PhD degree consists of courses and academic activities corresponding to six months of work (30 credits).

The following parts of the educational component are compulsory:

  • Basic seminar (with a bibliographic course, writing course, research ethics course, philosophy of science and philosophy of science essay: 10 credits.
  • Presentation seminar: 5 credits.

Discipline and thesis-specific courses are worth 15 credits and can be taken at the Faculty of Theology, at other faculties in the University of Oslo, or at external institutions. Doctoral research fellows can choose to take a university pedagogical module (Uniped) worth 5 credits within these 15 credits.

Course overview

An overview of compulsory and non-compulsory courses and seminars at the Faculty of Theology.

16 May
9:15 AM, Room 304, Domus Theologica
06 June
9:10 AM, 305, Faculty of Theology
19 June
9:15 AM, Room 304, Domus Theologica

Research schools

The Faculty of Theology is a member of the MF-based Research School Religion Values Society (RVS). This enables participation in the Research School’s courses and seminars.

Approval of external courses

Candidates can take part in external research courses and present papers at conferences in Norway and abroad. This participation must be approved by the PhD leader and your supervisor.