Poster Session

Information about poster session on April 23rd

Kung - In Search of True-ness: Dialogue Between Political Localism and Theological Ecumenism in Post-Umbrella Movement

Krause - Converted Bodies

Bangura - Pentecostal worship liturgies and African migrant churches in Belgium: Negotiating between noise nuisance and the African cultural desideratum

Van Oorschot - Power as ‘Prefiguration’ – a concept for pastoral care?

Lorensen - Space: Migration and Beyond, A Glimpse From the Outside. Other-Wise Understandings of Church

Leth-Nissen - What Money Can't Buy?

Ideström - Church in transit – theological action research and migration

Rønkilde - Embodied faith formation – the importance of participation in 21st Century Christianity

Weyel / Fronek - Doing Family on the Occasion of Rites of Passage

Radford - ‘My story is an opening to another(s) world’: narrating reform at the margins

Reblin - Comics in Religious Education: Resources and pedagogical practices of a teaching experience in South Brazil

Dillen - Transformation within the Catholic Church? Views on the body, sexuality and marriage in dialogue with Amoris Laetitia

Müller - Life-changing religious experiences – experience-based transformation

as a paradigm for practical theology.

Msabah - Refugees’ integration and the quest for spatial de-politicisation in South Africa: a phenomenological empiricism

Tejedo - Religion, Migration, and Human Trafficking: Evidence from Grassroots Practitioners

Lawson - Denying the Binary – A Non-Boolean Approach to Queer Bodies in Theology

Fretheim - Democratic agency and denial: Doing practical theology in the Anthropocene

De Roest - Churches on shaky ground

Yancey - How can the practical theological value of reflexivity benefit contemporary evangelical discussions regarding the role of capitalist enterprise in a post-colonial context?

Leis-Peters - Emancipating From or Returning To Practical Theology

Reflections on the Position of Diaconal Studies in the Field of Theology


Breed - Help to the pornography addicted by the embodiment of love


Lehner-Hartmann - To live and to learn from and with refugees

Vähäkangas -

DubiskiPastoral care and cognitive behavioral therapy

Johannessen-Henry -

Klaasen -

Holmqvist / Sandsmark - Reforming the practices of professionals

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