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Picture of Leonora Onarheim Bergsjø Bergsjø, Leonora Onarheim Head of Administration, ATTR Research School 22 85 03 13
Picture of Heidi Anne Camilla Christophersen Christophersen, Heidi Anne Camilla senior adviser +4722855791 Student and Academic Administration, Learning Environment, Quality of education, Quality assurance system, Evaluation, Regulations, Statistics, Analysis, Admissions, Common Student System (FS)
Picture of Mathias H. Eidberg Eidberg, Mathias H. Information coordinator 22850307 Communications, Press contact, Marketing, Recruitment of students, Media Survey, Alumni, Research communication
Picture of Ingunn Maria Gjørva Gjørva, Ingunn Maria Senior Research Adviser +47-22850347 Research Support, Cristin, External funding
Picture of Hege Handberg Handberg, Hege Advisor +47-22850303 Research training, Ph.d., Disputation, Quality of education, Regulations, Common Student System (FS)
Picture of Lars Ulrik Lange Lange, Lars Ulrik Executive Officer
Picture of Dag Myhre-Nielsen Myhre-Nielsen, Dag Faculty Director, +47 22 85 03 09 +47 908 51 904 Management, Finance, Human Resources, Health, safety and environment (HSE)
Picture of Brynjulv Norheim Norheim, Brynjulv Senior Adviser +47-22850367 Project managaement, Continuing and further education, ICT and Learning
Picture of Heidi Anita Opsahl Opsahl, Heidi Anita Senior Executive Officer +47-22850396 ePhorte, Archives
Picture of Tina Rinde Rinde, Tina Senior Executive Officer +47-22850303 Information Center, Student and Academic Administration, Purchasing, Diploma, Accreditation, Podcast, Web publishing
Picture of Camilla Rogne Rogne, Camilla Adviser +47-22841111 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Syllabus
Picture of Bjørn Erik Høvik Schjerverud Schjerverud, Bjørn Erik Høvik Administrative Head of Studies - Faculty of Theology +47-22850308 +47-48111216 Administrative management, Student and Academic Administration, Programme descriptions, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Student guidance, Elections, Regulations
Picture of Elisabeth Engh Seland Seland, Elisabeth Engh Adviser +47-22850306 Finance, Financial management, Accounts, Controlling program
Picture of Rune Selnes Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Web editor, Social media, Web publishing, IT services, Local IT support
Picture of Rigmor Smith-Gahrsen Smith-Gahrsen, Rigmor Senior Adviser +47-22850311
Picture of Tone Urbye Urbye, Tone Senior Executive Officer +47-22850304 Student and academic administration, Examination, Appeals, AURA