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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tarald Rasmussen Rasmussen, Tarald Professor +47-22850325 Reformation (European and Nordic), Luther
Picture of Tina Rinde Rinde, Tina Senior Executive Officer +47-22850303 Information Center, Student and Academic Administration, Purchasing, Diploma, Accreditation, Podcast, Web publishing
Picture of Camilla Rogne Rogne, Camilla Adviser +47-22841111 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Syllabus
Picture of Kristine Toft Rosland Rosland, Kristine Toft
Picture of Anders Runesson Runesson, Anders Professor +47-22850305 Bible - The New Testament, Gospels, Matthew, Paul, Jesus, Ancient Synagogues, Christian Origins, Judaism, Hermeneutics, Contextual Theology, Jewish–Christian Relations
Picture of Knut W Ruyter Ruyter, Knut W Professor II
Picture of Kaia Dorothea Mellbye Schultz Rønsdal Rønsdal, Kaia Dorothea Mellbye Schultz Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850392
Picture of Jone Salomonsen Salomonsen, Jone Professor +47-22850373
Picture of Bjørn Erik Høvik Schjerverud Schjerverud, Bjørn Erik Høvik Administrative Head of Studies - Faculty of Theology +47-22850308 +47-48111216 Administrative management, Student and Academic Administration, Programme descriptions, Approval/recognition/accreditation, Student guidance, Elections, Regulations
Picture of Helena M. Strandli Schmidt Schmidt, Helena M. Strandli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850361
Picture of Elisabeth Engh Seland Seland, Elisabeth Engh Adviser +47-22850306 Finance, Financial management, Accounts, Controlling program
Picture of Amina Selimovic Selimovic, Amina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850388 Islam, Gender and theology, Interreligiøse studier - Religionsdialog
Picture of Rune Selnes Selnes, Rune Senior engineer +47 22 85 03 02 Web editor, Social media, Web publishing, IT services, Local IT support
Picture of Rigmor Smith-Gahrsen Smith-Gahrsen, Rigmor Senior Adviser +47-22850311
Picture of Helge Asbjørn Staxrud Staxrud, Helge Asbjørn Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850326
Picture of Terje Stordalen Stordalen, Terje Professor +47-22850366 +47-90593212
Picture of Notto Thelle Thelle, Notto Seniorprofessor (prof. em.)
Picture of Merete Thomassen Thomassen, Merete Associate Professor +47-22850316
Picture of Dag Thorkildsen Thorkildsen, Dag Professor +47-22850315
Picture of Angela Timmann-Mjaaland Timmann-Mjaaland, Angela Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850358
Picture of Paula Jean Tutty Tutty, Paula Jean Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850394 Coptic, Monasticism, Patristics, Ancient culture and religion
Picture of Aud Valborg Tønnessen Tønnessen, Aud Valborg Dean +47-22850339 +47-99383605
Picture of Tone Urbye Urbye, Tone Senior Executive Officer +47-22850304 Student and academic administration, Examination, Appeals, AURA
Picture of Rosemarie Van Den Breemer Van Den Breemer, Rosemarie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850344 Religion og politikk, Islam, Sekularitet
Picture of Trygve Eiliv Wyller Wyller, Trygve Eiliv Professor +47-22850359 +47-97029427
Picture of Kari Zakariassen Zakariassen, Kari PhD Candidate +47 - 22841963
Picture of Helge Årsheim Årsheim, Helge Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850364 41472911 +4741472911 Law and Religion, Secularity, Religious Studies, Postcolonial